Artist - Designer

Anatomy of a Toyota

Directed by Nigel Mikz, Client: Toyota Canada

30s Corolla Ad Cut

I created stylized illustrations of numerous vehicles, mechanical parts, backgrounds, and various other assets for this Toyota Canada ad campaign. The final commercials ran as 15 & 30-second spots on primetime national tv, as well as across social media platforms.

30s Rav4 Ad Cut

Pet Semetary Prequel (Paramount)

Created by Seth Macfarlane & Bill Nye.

The End is Nye (NBC)

Created by Seth Macfarlane & Bill Nye.

Single All the Way (Netflix)

Directed by  Michael Mayer. Starring  Michael UrieJennifer Coolidge.


Part costume, part casual wear—Skelesuit is here to serve all of your skeleton-centric clothing needs. Each section of bone is printed separately to create a greater sense of movement & variety within each piece. Skeletons also size up proportionally between each size, from small to X-Large.

Printed in Montréal entirely by hand on high-quality, USA-made garments.

Product shots of various SkeleSuit items

The DyeDie Company

Founded in 2020, DieDye Co is a clothing company that explores screen-printing & fabric dying through a rules-based production system that encourages experimentation, improvisation, & immediacy.

Various DieDye Co products

Various other clothing designs:

Creative typographic design one of my areas of speciality. I’ve been working with text & type since I was a young punk doing graffiti under bridges. It’s one of longest threads that weaves through my career.

Miscellaneous personal work: